Große Arnspitze (2196 m)


This weekend the weather was on our side and so we decided to hike up Große Arnspitze (2196 m) just across the German border. As a matter of fact you start in Germany and end the hike in Austria. Hiking from one country to another is fun!

To be exact the route we took was the following: Mittenwald (923 m) – Riedkopf (1860 m) – Arnspitzhütte (2003 m) – Große Arnspitze (2196 m) – Arnspitzhütte (1955 m) – Scharnitz (964 m). 

This means it is almost a 1300m climb. Its not for a beginner, but nice easy intermediate hike. Actually the hardest part is not the elevation gain, but the fact that the hike is long. The signs say 5.25h to the top and we used that time including two long lunch breaks. I mean, with weather like this its a crime not to take breaks to enjoy the view.

Can you spot the hut?  Scharnitz is down in the valley.

We had some trouble finding the trail from Mittenwald, since there are no directions to the hike in the train station. Here a map and GPS were useful.

The trail it self is quite easy. The first hours are on a smooth and even trail in the forest. The only problematic part is that it is easy to loose the trail while looking at the Karwendel on the opposite side of the valley. Especially since the path is not that visible all the time, so keep looking for the red markings every now and then.

After a while you come higher up and have even better view of Karwendel. Therefore, I recommend to wait until you are just above the tree level before having a lunch break. Its a bit far but its amazing to sit and have lunch to this view.

This is not Karwendel, but to the left is Wettersteinkopf, which is a really nice hike!!

After walking across the Riedkopf its a more or less even path to Arnspitzhütte. Btw I think this is not a serviced hut and when we did the hike it was closed, so take enough food and water with you. From the hut its approximately 200 high meters to the top of the peak. This is pretty steep so its heavy but fast. Just the way we like it! I think we used 30 -45 min up. On the top there are two peaks. One that is a peak for less experienced hikers (read nubs) and the real Arnzpitse. In order to get to the real Arnspitze where the cross is, you need to cross a short exposed ridge. Don’t do it in rain or if its slippery! This is me crossing the ridge:

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Now after enjoying the view and eating your chocolates, you go down to the hut again and then take the trail pass the hut direction Scharnitz.  Its a long way down. Really – the path does go further away from Scharnitz before it turns back to Scharnitz. I recommend waking to Gießenbach instead, since it is the same distance and then you don’t need to walk backwards.

As we don’t own a car we normally get to the mountains by public transport. With car there are so many more opposites and it is normally easy to figure out how to get to the starting point, therefore I will just give the instructions for public transport from my current base, Munich.

So how to get there: 

Take a train from Munich Hbf as early as possible. We took the seven a clock train. Coming back is also easy, just take the train from Scharnitz/Gießenbach.

I even got sunburned this weekend. In the middle of October? Can you believe it? Crazy, but I like it! I hope you guys got a change to escape the city and enjoy the mountains this weekend.

Until next time,


Welcome to hiking stories by ME

Hi there.

I am not sure what to write about in the very first blog post. I guess I should introduce myself and write down some goals or and directions for this blog.

So about me. Who am I? 

I am an outdoor enthusiast, born in Estonia. Yes, Estonia. The country which is flat as a pancake. How did I end up climbing mountains and living for the next hike? Well, I was lucky enough to move to Norway at early age. That explains a little, but not everybody in Norway are constantly looking for the next peak. My interest for mountains  and nature started first when I was 22 years old and had a summer job in Songdal. Songdal is and always will be a magical place from me. During that summer in 2012 we worked and hiked on regular basis 1-2 times a week. Mostly I joined the hikes just because it was social. I did not plan any hikes on my own that summer, no I started with that the summer after. But so what got me hooked? Thinking back I am sure it was the hike up to Fannaråken 2065 meters over sea level.

That hike is a very hard hike and it was the first time I hiked with a BIG bag. I still remember how heavy that bag was and I had no idea how long and demanding the hike was, cause I was just joining as I always did… Just couple of hours into the hike I remember the leader of the hike asking if he should carry my bag. I refused both the first and the second time he asked. I have always been stubborn, and a sixtyfive liter bag did not chance that.

I have never felt such a sense of accomplishment as I felt when I finally saw that hut on the top of that mountain. And so I have loved mountains ever since.

What do I wish to convey with this blog? 

I wish to share my hiking stories, my hiking goals, my hiking plans and in general the joy I get from hiking and being in the nature. I will post about the hikes I am doing and plan to do. The preparations and the ups and downs. The lessons learned. Perhaps I will post some hikes I have done in the past that stuck out especially well in memory. But this blog is not going to be a peak diary, meaning every once in a while I might post about hiking equipment or other outdoors related stuff. Well, let’s see this is at least the at this time of writing and no matter how it will turn out, I promise I’ll try to keep it interesting, for a mountain lover at least.


cropped-2016-08-28-08-24-48.jpgOn the way up to Watzmann Südspitze Summer 2016.