And the last hike of 2016 went to…

Long time no see, have you been hiking? I have ­čśÇ ! Between all these Christmas markets,┬áGluhwein evenings (I just can not get enough Gluhwein ­čśŤ ) and Christmas parties, I finally found time and will to go hiking again. Originally I had a different hike planned but then life happened. I discovered that I... Continue Reading →

This weekend the┬áweather was on our side and so we decided to hike up┬áGro├če Arnspitze (2196 m) just across the┬áGerman border. As a matter of fact you start in Germany and end the hike in Austria. Hiking from one country to another is fun! To be exact the route we took was the following:┬áMittenwald (923... Continue Reading →

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