meHi there.

I am an outdoor enthusiast, born in Estonia. Yes, Estonia. The country which is flat as a pancake. How did I end up climbing mountains and living for the next hike? Well, I was lucky enough to move to Norway at early age. That explains a little, but not everybody in Norway are constantly looking for the next peak. My interest for mountains  and nature started first when I was 22 years old and had a summer job in Songdal. Songdal is and always will be a magical place from me. During that summer in 2012 we worked and hiked on regular basis 1-2 times a week. Mostly I joined the hikes just because it was social. I did not plan any hikes on my own that summer, no I started with that the summer after. But so what got me hooked? Thinking back I am sure it was the hike up to Fannaråken 2065 meters over sea level.

That hike is a very hard hike and it was the first time I hiked with a BIG bag. I still remember how heavy that bag was and I had no idea how long and demanding the hike was, cause I was just joining as I always did… Just couple of hours into the hike I remember the leader of the hike asking if he should carry my bag. I refused both the first and the second time he asked. I have always been stubborn, and a sixtyfive liter bag did not chance that.

I have never felt such a sense of accomplishment as I felt when I finally saw that hut on the top of that mountain. And so I have loved mountains ever since.

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