Wishlist for hikes in 2017.

I am quite happy with the hiking year 2016, but as any passionate hiking enthusiast, I am already planning hikes for year 2017 :P.

I once read that there is a bigger change that you reach your goals if you write them down. This is simply because even if you are not aware of it, by writing it down you are making a stronger commitment than by just saying it or thinking it. So write it down.

Another way to increase the changes to reach your goals is to share them and make them “public”. That way you feel more accountable for reaching your goals. You know you have all eyes on you 😉

Third tip is to set a time limit to your goal, this way you have that extra time pressure that just may be enough to get you off your sofa.

Have the courage and clarity to write down you goals and dreams. Goals are what give me directions and priorities, without goals I am lost, be it for hiking or for any other area in my life. Therefore, I strongly recommend everybody to write down realistic goals for year 2017 🙂

Acting upon my own advice, I have written down my hiking goals for 2017 and will now share them with you :D:D  I am determined to hike all these mountains and can’t wait!

My list is the following:

  • Großglockner (3798m), the highest mountain in Austria.

Picture is taken from grossglockner.at
  • Alpspitze (2628m), Germany

Picture is taken from foto.wilsdroff.biz
  • Zugspitze (2962 m) the highest mountain in Germany. 

Picture is taken from summitpost.org
  • Hochfeiler (3510m) South Tirol

Picture is taken form wikiwand.com
  • Hochnissl (2547m), Austria

Picture is taken from wikiwand.com

Off course these are not going to be the only mountains I climb next year (I also have some destinations I don’t want to reveal just yet ;)), but these mountains are definitely the ones I “have to do” next year 😀 and I can’t wait!

What hikes to you have planned for year 2017?

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