What to get a hiker for Christmas?

Today it is exactly 24 days to Christmas!! I guess many of you out there are like me and have yet to get most of the christmas presents. Here are some of my tips for what to get for an outdoors enthusiast 😀 PS. many of these items are on my wish list as well 😉

PS: I am not sponsored by any of these brands so I am just voluntary providing you my ideas.




  1. Tracking poles – Previously I did not use tracking poles, but I just bought myself a par couple of weeks back. I could not wait until Christmas 😛  Why tracking poles?  The reason is simple, while doing 1600 m or more descents you need the support. For short hikes I would say they are not needed (unless you have trouble with knees).
  2. Headlight – For winter and autumn hikes a good headlight is a must. I seldom use my headlight because I calculate the hikes so I don’t have to hike in the dark, but I normally have it in my backpack just in case I miscalculate and need a headlight.
  3. Fiber towel – For a multi-day hiker a fiber towel is a must, but this also comes in handy for a frequent traveler or backpacker.
  4. Seat pad  – I love these, I use it during summer and winter.
  5. Thermos – Every hiker should own a small thermos. There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of warm chocolate or tea on the top of the mounting in autumn/winter time.
  6. Reusable warm packs – This you can get to a person who is constantly cold, hiker or not.
  7. Power bank – These days we are so dependent on technology. You hardly see people with maps anymore. This is a perfect gift for a hiker or a Pokemon go player 😀
  8.  A night in a hut – Every hiker would love a voucher for a night in a hut!!
  9. GoPro – This is very expensive but will make every serious hiker/skier very happy.
  10. First aid Kit – This is something every hiker should have in their backpack but many do not.

So here you go, there are differently gifts in different price ranges in this list. You should find something for everybody, even for somebody who has everything 😉

Peaceful Christmas shopping to you all – lets hope the snow comes soon!

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