Krottenkopf (2086m) and hiking with hikingbuddies.

As I wrote in previous post, this weekend I joined an organized hike by a group named Hiking buddies Munich (you can check them out here). This is a quite active hiking group on Facebook, where everybody can organize hikes and invite people to join. Hikes that are organized vary from difficult hikes for experienced hikers and easy hikes for complete new beginners.

The hike I joined went to Krottenkopf (2086m) in Germany and in the end we were 9 people doing it (one person did not feel good and decided to turn around quite early in the hike).

Krottenkopf is the peak to the right, so this is where you will be walking up. It looks worse than it is 😉

Route:  Oberau train station (659m) – Weilheimer Hütte (1955m) – Krottenkopf (2086m) – Weilheimer Hütte – Oberau.

Elevation gain: ca. 1500 m

Time: We used 8 hours, with 3 long breaks and some short ones.

Distance: about 17 km.

Transport: Take train form München HBF to Oberau.

This trail is steep. You have a little beak when you reach the ridge and are going to the hut, from the hut it is just about 15 -20 min up to the peak on a perhaps even steeper trail. The trail is steep but involves no scrambling and it is not exposed at all. Therefore the only requirement to do this hike is to have good enough fitness level. Alternatively you could do it during the summer so that you don’t need to worry about hiking in dark.

Now, I promised to write about how the hike went with new group of people. As I already wrote I had hiked with only two of these people before. And therefore I also knew that the pace would be quite fast.. perhaps too fast form me 😛  Nevertheless, I joined ( I could not just sit home now could I?) So what happened was that they were quite fast and the group was naturally divided into two. This was actually very good because nobody needed to hike alone. The fast part of the group was very inclusive and waited for us at the hut before we started with the last climb  all together. That said, I think we were not more than 15 -20 minutes behind them while hiking.

Everybody in the group were friendly and social. I think I got to know everybody except 2 people.. It kind of depends who you end up walking with. It was very nice international group and during the hike we shared our tips for hikes and travels in general. I truly believe everybody had a nice hike and I would not mind hiking with these people again 🙂

Enjoying the sun during a nice break on our way down.

On hiking buddies hikes there is often Gipfelbier (peak beer) and Gipfelschnaps (peak shot). I still not used to drinking while hiking ( I first experienced this strange tradition in Germany) , but I do not say no to a cold nice weissbier on a top of a mountain during nice whether. With not so sunny whether, I must be honest, I don’t really feel the urge for it

Anna enjoying her beer with a view.

Ah I just got a selfie stick as a present from my sister, so I was testing this out. I am a complete newbie with selfie sticks, so it was actually hard to catch both the group and the mountains in the same picture with it 😀 Here is my attempt:


Today it is snowing in Munich (kind of) and it is suppose to snow (for real) above 1000m. This means that the snow-hiking season is here 😀 Last year I did not do snow-hiking, but this year I might just try it 😀 I have also yet to try snowshoes so this promises to be an interesting and adventurous winter.

What are your plans for the winter season? Have you ever tried snowshoes?

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